HP X500 Optical Wired USB Mouse Ghc 109.00


  • HP X500 Wired Mouse Stylish enhancement to a classic. Enjoy the comfortable HP Wired Mouse X500 with simple USB connection. The optical tracking provides smooth tracking and programmable 3 button controls that can work with either hand. Compatibility Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Mac OSX
  • Features:
    • Support through subtle form: Elongated arch and contoured design provide relaxed control for either hand.
    • 1 step USB: With simply inserting the USB cord,(1) you power your mouse and avoid ever replacing batteries. No software or downloads. Just start scrolling and clicking away.
    • Familiar controls: Navigate Windows easily with 3 button control and scroll wheel.
    • Optimal light: The optical tracking technology provides ideal tracking on most surfaces for accurate and smooth control.


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